About Us

The Comprehensive Emergency Response System is a member-to-member App for member-to-member safety and security device for individuals and groups. The App is GPS-enabled to pinpoint location of incident(s) and of the particular member requiring help as well as of members of the same group in the vicinity of the incident. This helps in possible tracking of movements of the member in need or of his/her assailant. An override Panic Button, protected against accidental switch-on/switch-off alerts designated FIRST RESPONDERS of an emergency. It can only be truly terminated by the designated group of first responders. Hence the Panic Button cannot be intentionally switch-off by an assailant. This App was inspired by experiences in war zones and situations during mass evacuation in zones of conflict. It can be of immense usefulness especially when family members, especially children, get separated from their families during moments of panic movements.

Operationally, we seek to broaden and improve quality of access to immediate help by people experiencing anyincidents that are potentially life-threatening or life threatening. 

By expanding immediate response to family members and group members and also ensuring the response of the essential services, for example fire brigade, police, etc...